Have you considered having a website for your business?
You can have a professional website at an affordable price
How many times have you been asked,
“What’s your website address?” and had to answer, “I don’t have a website.”
In today’s world it’s tough to get along without one no matter how big or small your business is.  Many people use the Internet to find everything they need.  A web site not only gives information but also can include a lot more. Our hosting supplier is one of the largest companies in the world! You can attract customers, promote your business, add photos, video clips, audio messages and much more at a reasonable price. Don’t be intimated by the cost or technology of creating your image on the web. It can be whatever you want, customized, to fit your business. We’ll use your ideas to build a site just for you and your business.

A Basic Website With Domain Name And Hosting Can Be Created For A Very Affordable Price.

You Need It.....
Together We'll Create It

Free Domain Name Availability Search,
Purchase, Set-Up of new domain names or
transfer of your existing domain name.
Securing affordable web hosting.
Creation of your customized website.
Publishing your website to the Internet
Submitting your web address (URL) to Google, Firefox,
Internet Explorer/Edge, Bing & Yahoo search engines.
Updating, Maintaining and Redesigning your existing site as needed.

Budget Hosting

This hosting plan is fully functional for text, photos audio, video or all of the above and is great if you're on a tight budget. Don't be fooled by the word "budget", you have plenty of space to do everything listed above and you can easily upgrade to the regular hosting plan as your business grows.

This plan offers a 99.9%
 up time, guaranteed.

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We're open from 8 AM - 11PM EST. 364 days a year.
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to be and we'll help you get there.

Spirit Shepherds Testimonial


I’ve had VisualJac helping me construct and develop my website since it’s inception . When I first started my business, I had no idea how or where to begin and they have guided me through this process very successfully. They are always available to answer my questions and always work through any problems that might arise.
Together we are constantly improving the web site resulting in more positive feedback from online clients. I greatly appreciate their patience and willingness to work with a total web/computer novice and I could not have accomplished this on my own.